Revenue generation process yielding impressive benefits

As more and more B2B companies embrace the new revenue generation process, reports of impressive benefits are beginning to surface. Our research indicates that marketers can achieve much better performance through the sales pipeline by implementing this new model. For example, these companies report generating:

  • 5X to 10X increases in lead generation
  • 50% more sales-acceptable leads at one-third less cost
  • Sales cycle compression of up to 30%
  • Up to 10% higher win rates of market-qualified leads
  • Much greater growth than competitors (33% vs. 17%)

Within 2 years after implementing a revenue generation process, one Tiziani Whitmyre (TW) life sciences client was generating 200 leads and 250 content downloads per month, and its annual sales had increased about 20%.

Hubspot, the marketing automation company, was able to focus its sales representatives on sales-acceptable leads and saw 80% of them beat quota within 12 months. In addition, the company grew it sales base from 100 to 1,500 customers.

Overall, we’re seeing clients that migrate to the revenue generation model experience higher sales lead quantity and quality, while accelerating their time to sales conversion.

To learn more, download our new white paper, “Understanding the New Revenue Generation Process.”