How to generate 700 leads in 3 weeks

A Tiziani Whitmyre (TW) client leveraged its considerable expertise in process automation cybersecurity to create content for its revenue generation effort. The company developed a webinar aimed at cybersecurity teams in the power, refining, chemical, and food processing industries. TW was given the challenge of acquiring 300 new leads for the webinar during a 3-week promotional window, without the use of expensive paid media. These registrations had to be new prospects that were not in the client’s CRM database.

To achieve the goal, TW Networks, our performance marketing division, engaged nine web publishers. The publishers carried the client’s webinar advertising and were compensated for each valid registration generated.

The result: 690 validated webinar registrations were acquired in less than 21 days. Plus the client didn’t waste a penny in promotional advertising. Strong content offered on a pay-for-performance basis is a highly attractive strategy for B2B and life sciences companies requiring immediate sales lead acquisition.