Four tips to improve e-mail marketing performance

A recent e-mail study from MailChimp uncovered four ways to beef up your e-mail marketing performance:

  1. Make e-mails time sensitive: Convey the importance of your e-mail. The MailChimp study showed that subject lines that impart time sensitivity with words such as urgent, important, and now have higher open rates.
  2. Use positive solicitations: The study found that e-mails with positive solicitations such as “announcement” or “invitation” have better open rates than negative ones i.e. “cancelled” or “reminder.”
  3. Make it personal – If possible, use a name in the subject line. It will help boost the open rate, particularly if used with time-sensitive salutations.
  4. Don’t use the word “free:” The study showed virtually no open rate improvement when the word free was featured. Also, many spam filters will block e-mails with the word free in the subject line.

One last note: the survey proved that message clarity beats creativity when it comes to improving e-mail open rates and response.