B2B marketers cite demand generation and customer acquisition as highest priorities

If there was ever a doubt about where B2B marketing is headed, a survey by BtoB Magazine should clear the air. The study reports that most marketing leaders have accepted and begun implementing new revenue generation tactics.

Some of the survey’s main points were as follows:

  • 70% cited demand generation/customer acquisition as their primary marketing goal. Only 18% named brand building.
  • 72% are using content marketing as part of their strategy
  • 67% will increase digital media spending
  • 42% are using mobile tactics as part of their strategy
  • 51% plan to invest in marketing automation

For the CMO, the challenge is to integrate these tactics and tools into an effective marketing process that continuously acquires leads and converts them into sales. Tiziani Whitmyre’s revenue generation approach is an easy-to-implement, five-step process that unifies content marketing, digital technologies, and analytics to create measurable and sustainable results.

Source: BtoB Magazine Annual Outlook