Top internet trends predicted

Mary Meeker, Internet guru at venture capitalist Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield, and Byers, recently presented her annual Internet trends at the D11 conference. And when Mary talks, the market listens.

Here’s what she predicts:

  • Global Internet use and application development continue to explode, driven by emerging countries. China has twice as many users as the U.S.
  • Global mobile traffic now represents 15% of total Internet traffic. And the growth rate is climbing.
  • Mobile advertising has a big upside. While people spend 12% of their time on mobile devices, advertisers are only spending 3% of their budgets on this channel.
  • Media uploading and sharing from mobile devices are ramping up fast and still early-stage. Photo uploading shows explosive growth, video is ramping up very fast, and sound and data are emerging.
  • Mobile computing cycle will soon give way to wearable computing. Smart phones and tablets will be succeeded by a new set of wearable, everywhere devices (i.e. glasses, watches, belts) that combine sensors, computing, and communications.

Tiziani Whitmyre’s takeaway is that B2B and life sciences marketers must leverage the explosive growth in mobile devices or be left behind. Anyone with a Smartphone or tablet knows the new business workspace has moved from their desk to a pocket or briefcase. We urge marketers to understand the disruptive implications of these trends on the buying process and the great opportunities they present to generate greater competitive advantage and revenue.