A quick tip to improve web landing page conversions

If you are using Web landing pages with registration forms, there is a quick way to boost your conversion rates: reduce the number of form fields.

A study by Marketo showed that the Web conversion rate increased by 34% when the registration form was cut from nine fields to five fields. In addition, the cost per lead dropped by over 25%.1

While the urge to collect prospect information is irresistible, there will be many opportunities to gather additional data once you have an e-mail address. This strategy of “progressive profiling” enables you to request additional information as you offer higher-value content. Over time, you can fill in the gaps in the prospect’s profile to enhance lead nurturing and sales conversion.

So think lean when you develop your Web landing page forms — typically first and last names, title, company name, and e-mail address — and watch your conversion rates improv

1 Marketo Landing Page Conversion Study, 2008.