Google now capturing almost 75% of search volume

Google’s domination of Web search was evident in May as the company accounted for 73.3% of the total search volume. Yahoo was a distant second at 15.8% and MSN/ had a paltry 5.6%. Google also was the most visited Web site, grabbing 7.6% of all Web visits. YahooMail was second at 4.9%. For B2B marketers, the takeaway is clear: Optimize your sites for Google and let the chips fall as they may for the other search engines.

In the social networking space, it was no surprise that MySpace (30.9%), Facebook (29%), and YouTube (9%) continue to run far ahead of the pack. Facebook clearly is the preferred social network for B2B marketing and several of our clients are getting traction with videos posted on YouTube.

The statistics were reported by Hitwise, an Internet measurement company.

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