New Paper: Understanding Revenue Generation

With renewed focus on growth at B2B and life science companies, marketing leaders are searching for new revenue generation strategies to heighten demand for their products and services. Tiziani Whitmyre (TW) has released a new paper, “Understanding the New Revenue Generation Process: How to Ignite Demand for Your B2B Brand,” that explores a new model for sustained business growth.

In this paper you will learn:

  • Why content marketing is the key to successful lead acquisition and nurturing
  • When inbound marketing tactics are more effective and efficient than traditional outbound channels
  • Why the conversion of Web traffic into leads is the weak link in many demand generation efforts
  • How marketing scorecards can offer almost real-time measurement that enables ROI calculation and program optimization

This new model consists of five steps that operate as a continuous process:

Revenue Generation Model

The paper reviews how the process provides a simple framework to organize the tactics and elements employed by most B2B marketing teams. It facilitates coordination and collaboration with the sales department, and bridges the gap that exists when leads are passed on for sales closure. The paper also explains how the process synthesizes best-practice technologies, tools, and tactics to create a holistic approach for maximizing customer engagement and sales growth.

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